Home Calling by Aafiya Saba: My Review πŸ’•

“It’s Christmas Eve
Your love has found its home
in the coldness of my heart.
Santa got me the best gift this time,
He got me back ME.”
This book felt like a warm hug throughout its pages. The beautiful handmade illustrations by the author added beauty to its pages. At first I picked it up just because the cover and the title gave me a very cosy Christmas-y kind of vibe, but I stayed because I loved how simple yet so engaging the poems are. Also, no… it’s not just a poetry book, the book has a few quotes too which I absolutely adored. It’s divided into total 5chapters and each chapters talk about a different theme. The structure of the book reminded me of Rupi Kaur’s poetry. The narration was beautiful, and the feelings so relatable. Beginners and poetry lovers will love this book!

Published by Richa

Just a girl trying to make sense of everything through books and arts🌼

21 thoughts on “Home Calling by Aafiya Saba: My Review πŸ’•

  1. I also loved the cover page a lot but I am not very fond of poetry books. but your review has made me curious to know more about it. Christmas theme and festive vibes giving me a warm cozy feeling.

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  2. Wow this is very nice interesting and well writing article. I really liked it. I am glad you shared that Home Calling by Aafiya Saba your Review. I am reading to enjoy it.

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  3. I love the Title “Home Calling”, it defines many things and attached with all emotions…I am not into poem but and you said some quotes are really beautiful… great review mate.

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  4. Such a touching message that’s perfect for Christmas! There’s nothing more rewarding than finding yourself once again. It’s only when you are your own identity that you can be at your best to love and care for others!

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  5. It’s great to know that you too have read this book. I think it’s the biggest testimony when you get a buddy with same book reading and providing thoughts over it. I loved the thoughts you shared πŸ’“ proud of u

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