Sonnets to Paradise by Nidra Naik: Review

Firstly, I love the cover of the book, it’s clean and subtle. And as the cover indicates, the book is a story of two women:  Nayantara and Nicola. Nayantara or Nayan as people call her, is in her late thirties and lives a solitary life in Rickmansworth, England. One wintry night returning from home, she finds a homeless man in her doorstep. She helps him and saves his life, in return he rekindles her love for words and poetry. In another place there’s this lady named Nicola, a recently widowed mother, who’s trying to find hope in her life after the death of love of her life. It depicts the struggle of this intelligent, highly qualified yet clueless Nicola.
The only way these two women are connected is through the few emotions they share and poetry. One finds solace in poetry while the other finds strength.
The writing is a combination of prose and verse. The verse in each chapter aptly complements the prose.
The narration shifts from first person to third person sometimes quite abruptly. The missing links in the plot made it a confusing read for me. The only reason I liked reading it is because of its language.
If you enjoy poetry and reading stories bound by it..this book can be a perfect read for you.

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16 thoughts on “Sonnets to Paradise by Nidra Naik: Review

  1. Combination of poem and prose in a book something new to me and like you I might feel confused while reading this. I am glad you have shared your honest review with us.

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  2. I too loved the cover and the concept of the book. But do you know what I liked the most? The way you penned the review touched my heart… its short but still it represents the gist of the book so well

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  3. You have written it so beautifully. Writing a review is not always easy but you have done that beautifully. I have never read such books but can giveit a try. Thank you for the suggestions.

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  4. I like the title, “Sonnets to Paradise”. Seems to be an interesting story in verse form. Poetry is not usually my favourite genre, more into prose.

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  5. I also loved the cover page. I am not very much into poetry so I am not sure if a combination of prose and poetry will appeal me. But what appealed me here is your book reviewing style πŸ™‚ It is crisp and to the point.

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  6. Not into poetry but love the story of the two ladies. Typical love story which is the genre I was in during my younger years. This review has been written beautifully.

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  7. I am not genuinely a poem person so it will be new to me . Can give a try..I must say your cover book is nice one. Thanks for sharing dear.


  8. Sonnets to paradise, that’s a fascinating name. A composition of sonnets with prose is quite novel. I will surely check this out.


  9. I love the cover of the book. So impressing . The story line of the book is very interesting but there is some missing charm . I like your honest opinion on it.


  10. Wow this seems a a great read. Thanks for the detailed review. I m surely gonna grab a copy asap and give it a read


  11. Fictional stories always capture my heart. I like how the concept of the story. But would definitely want to read the book to understand the write up. Glad you shared the review.


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