Drunk in Biblichor


Hi there! So happy to see you at my little side of the internet! I’m Richa, a book and lifestyle blogger, and a Bookstagrammer. I’m 21 and I grew up in a charming, picturesque small town of India until I moved out for college to pursue my Engineering degree. I’ve always found refuge in books and arts. I’m a strong believer that reading is a great way to help you make a better sense of this universe and also it’s a great tool to help you cope up with your mental health. Reading also keeps your mind sharp and overall, makes you a better person. So here I am, to inspire you all to read more. I hope you find some great recommendations here. Here on this blog, you will see book reviews, book recommendations, musings, fun bookish articles and much more! If you have any questions, or suggestions, or maybe just wanna talk with a random stranger on the internet, you’re more than welcome. Feel free to write me an email or connect with me on Twitter or Instagram. 🙂


Email– drunk.in.biboichor@gmail.com

Instagram– @drunk.in.biblichor

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